It's Our 4-Year Anniversary!

We're celebrating four years of this incredible journey for the month of August.  Here's are some of our favorite highlights along the way:

Emily & Eleanor: The best of buds from the very beginning!

Eleanor as a puppy with a defiant look | Em & El Organics                  Eleanor and Emily on vacation | Em & El Organics

Puppy Eleanor in 1995--isn't she cute?!       Emily & Eleanor on vacation in 2004


Emily's First Fair | Em & El Organics

Emily heads to her first fair in November 2012

Emily goes to a fair in Nyack, NY | Em & El Organics

Emily at a street fair in Nyack, NY, Summer of 2014

Emily even braved the freezing temperatures over the years at outdoor fairs | Em & El Organics

Sometimes, we even had to brave freezing temperatures for outdoor fairs! (2015)

A new phase of our journey begins with Em & El Organics | Em & El Organics

January 1, 2016: With great pride and joy, we introduced Em & El Organics!

Emily begins to introduce our new line at smaller events | Em & El Organics

June 2016: Emily introduces Em & El Organics at Deals & Divas in NYC

Thank you for being a part of our great adventure!  We're so excited you're here with us and we're looking forward to even more amazing adventures in the future!