Our Credo

Here at Em & El Organics, we believe:

  • in transparency, honesty and integrity.  You should be able to know what is in our products and should be able to pronounce all the ingredients.  We don’t ever want our customers or community to feel in the dark.  We stand behind our products and promise you that we will always strive to help and correct problems.  Have a question for us?  Let us know!  We welcome the opportunity to chat with you.
  • that businesses have not only the ability, but the responsibility, to be driving forces of making good, positive and beneficial change for both people and the planet.  The excuse that the planet’s health, and consequently our own, is simply the cost of doing business, that it is the price we pay for the services and goods which we demand, must come to an end.  We have no Planet B.  We must make smart choices as a company and as individuals to help heal our environmental wounds.
  • in supporting small and local businesses whenever and wherever possible.  Our future economic stability depends on the thousands of small businesses and entrepreneurs who are making a difference in strengthening their communities.  Let people know you believe in them by spending your dollars at their businesses!
  • that every dollar you spend is a vote for the kind of world in which you want to live.  Companies exist to serve their customers and clientele.  You have the power to make them be conscious participants in our economic and environmental health.  We are all connected and we must make better, more conscientious choices to create a better future now, not when it’s too late.
  • that organic should not be only for the financially wealthy.  Everyone has the right to clean air, clean water, and safe, chemical-free and healthy food.  Organic growing practices are an important component in fixing our climate change problem.  We believe in standing up for equality for all to safe resources.
  • in giving back to our community.  Join us in giving back, HERE!  Many people helped Emily start Em & El Organics!  Every single person has been helped in some way and it it our responsibility as people to give back to others.  Here at Em & El Organics, we have very big future dreams, but we need to start now, where we are, to get where we’re going.  We are all on this planetary journey together: let’s remember to lend each other a hand in honor of those who have held ours along the way.