Got questions?  We’ve got answers for you!  Here are some of our most frequently asked questions.  Don’t see an answer to yours?  Get in touch via our Contact Us page.

  • If Em & El Organics products are made from certified organic ingredients, why don't they have a USDA Certified Organic seal?

    The world of organic certification is a complicated one.  The USDA does not currently have a standard organic requirement for personal care products.  There are a number of other labels such as Ecocert and Natrue that provide seals.  These are businesses offering services, all with varying standards, to check ingredients and processes. 

    Em and El does not use these types of services.  These services require a mountain of paperwork and red tape, in addition to being expensive and time-intensive.  The costs of using these services would ultimately be passed on to our customers through increased product prices.  We feel that it is more important to be open and honest about our ingredients, their sources and our processes.  We know what our standards are, care deeply about our products, and work hard to establish trust with our customers.

    We hope you agree! If you have any questions about our ingredients, sources and processes, please contact us.

  • Do you test on animals?
    Nope.  Never.  None of our products have ever been tested on animals.  Additionally, none of our individual ingredients are ever tested on animals.
  • I'm new to the world of salves.  How do I use them?
    Using (preferably clean!) fingers, swirl across the top of the salve and gently smooth onto your skin.  If you find the salve is too hard, let it warm up in your hands for a few seconds.  Because the ingredients are only the purest Nature has to offer, our salves change with the temperature: harder when cooler and softer when warmer.
  • My tin of salve became granulated.  Did it go bad?  How do I fix it?
    Because our products don’t contain preservatives or stabilizers, granulation is completely natural and can happen when the salve is exposed to cold temperatures.  To restore the salve to a smooth consistency, place it in an oven on the lowest possible setting (150 degrees Fahrenheit preferably) until the salve has liquified.  Allow the salve to cool until it hardens again.  Granulation does not mean that the salve has gone bad.
  • For what skin types are Em & El Organics' products suitable?
    We have devoted followers with many skin types.  Em & El Organics' products are designed to work with your skin’s natural chemistry, transforming it to develop a new “normal” balance and letting your natural beauty shine.
  • I have sensitive skin.  Will your products irritate my skin?
    Our products are formulated especially for sensitive skin.  We make them with ingredients that are intended to soothe your skin, not irritate it.  In fact, many devoted customers have found that because our ingredients are simple and pure, their skin has responded beyond their wildest expectations.
  • I’m allergic to your ingredients.  Can I use your products?
    NO.  If you are allergic to our ingredients, please do not use our products.  Additionally, please know that our products are made on shared equipment.  We use tree nut oils in many of our products.  If you are severely allergic to something, you should educate yourself as to whether we use it.  If you have any questions, we encourage you to get in touch with us.  We also encourage you to always consult your doctor before using a product that you have questions about.

  • What are your shipping times and returns policy?
    You can read all about them here.