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Journeying Homeward & Striving for Authenticity

The other evening, I had the good fortune of attending a screening of "The Music of Strangers", a documentary that follows Yo-Yo Ma's Silk Road Ensemble.  I was even luckier to hear him play the opening song, "Going Home" less than 20 feet away from where I was sitting!  (Side note: it's excellent and you should go see it!) In the film, Yo-Yo speaks of his journey to find his own voice with his music in the world.  How do you carry on the cultural roots with which you grew up, while also growing with them, letting them evolve and live on in the future? The theme of home--defining it, searching for it both physically and mentally--is ever-present in the musicians, many...

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Top 5 Dangers to Avoid in Sunscreen

Do you know what dangers lurk in your bottle of sunscreen?  With the recent soaring temperatures this Memorial Day weekend, summer days have officially arrived!  Read on to find out how to choose a sunscreen that properly protects your skin without containing dangerous ingredients: Oxybenzone: An active ingredient often used to absorb UV light in sunscreens, this chemical penetrates skin and acts like estrogen in the bloodstream. It can disrupt the hormone system and studies have linked it to increased rates endometriosis in older women. Misleading High SPFs: Most people mistakenly assume that a 100 SPF sunscreen has double the coverage of 50 SPF. In reality, the extra SPF protection against UVB rays is negligible.  Additionally, suncreens with higher SPFs often...

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