Design Driven Life: Wendy Yates in conversation with Emily Trower-Young


This week on the Design Driven Life, Wendy Yates speaks with Emily Trower-Young. As a wooden boat builder, world traveler, and New York City native, Emily Trower-Young has always loved a great adventure. After developing a stubborn case of adult acne in college, she knew there had to be a better solution beyond prescription drugs. Most skin care products simply don’t hold up to the elements out at sea. Inspired by a love of sailing, Em & El Organics' products are designed to heal and protect your skin, wherever your adventures take you. Handcrafted in NYC, they're tough enough for sailors, and made for the everyday. When Emily’s not in the kitchen creating new products, you can find her out on the water in search of a new adventure.

Design Driven Life Podcast with Wendy Yates and Emily Trower-Young, founder of Em & El Organics - Handcrafted, organic skin care for sailors outdoor enthusiasts