#IShopSmall - A Business Love Story

ISHOPSMALL two hands shaking | Title Nine Movers & Makers | Em & El Organics

Long before we could conceive of our current reality...all the way back in September, I boarded a plane bound for the West for the biggest opportunity Em & El had faced to date. We were among a handful of women-owned businesses selected to pitch to the most incredible group of badass women. We've admired them for years and now we were knocking on their door, hoping to prove we had what it takes and that they'd let us into their inner circles.

Strong, smart, and kind, these women inspire us, challenging us to step up, do better, lead more - today was good, how can we make tomorrow better for others? They are made of guts, gumption, and a fountain of love. They encourage us to take the leap and soar, and when we fail, to make it a great epic story. There are valuable lessons in failing and the only real failure is in not learning them. They peddle in deep grit, with a fierce commitment to the belief that women are immensely powerful and the world needs their voices leading the way.

These women (and a few great men!) are Title Nine, and their Movers & Makers initiative. Our ringleader is Missy Park, Founder of Title Nine, with her infectious energy and sweet southern sass. "Business is a sport, and we all play!", she shouts. It's the clubhouse you might have dreamed of, a community that opens its arms and envelops you with love, support, and encouragement to dare greatly. Their only requirement is that you show up fully as yourself.

As Covid-19 descended, T9 showed their true colors, rallying our community to band together with the belief that we are stronger together. And Movers & Makers became our family. And a weekly Zoom call began. And then a Slack channel. Open, genuine dialogues - no questions too big or too small - the magic that happens when women support women.

This week, May 18-25, we are coming together in a show of solidarity, an opportunity to support each other, and to give you some sweet deals as well. Every company below, all women-owned and operated, is offering 10-20% off some of their wares with the code ISHOPSMALL, including a one-time 15% off discount on Em & El products*.

Thank you Missy and Title Nine, you've helped us grow and connect more than you'll ever know. Let's keep creating a game of our own. With love and gratitude, your Movers & Makers

ISHOPSMALL | Title Nine Movers & Makers | Em & El Organics

*Excludes Operation Sailors Code care packages