Need Some Advice?

New to Em & El Organics?  Need some advice about which products would suit you best?  We’ve compiled a quick run-down of where to start.

If you…:

have sensitive skin or struggle with acne: Check out our most popular Saving Face Moisturizer and Saving Face Daily Cleansing Bar (Emily’s tried and true for clear skin)

are having flare-ups and random breakouts or have a super important day coming up: Make sure your skin absolutely glows with our Saving Face Clay Mask

are concerned about wrinkles, fine lines or puffy eyes: Find your salvation in our Anti-Aging Facial Elixir

put your hands through the toughest conditions you can find: Your new best friend is our Boatswain Hand Cream (tested in Antarctica by workers at the McMurdo Research Station!)

put your hands through the toughest conditions you can find AND your skin is prone to cracking: You need our Ultimate Healing Salve & Lip Balm

could match an alligator with your dry skin: You’ll definitely want to sneak a peek at our Ultimate Body Oil

...need soap: As if you didn't need soap!  We make some awesome ones, even one that benefits programs in the South Bronx--Swashbuckler's Body Soap or The Boatswain Bar

are struggling with athlete’s foot, stinky feet or a minor topical rash: Send it packing with help from our Fiendish Fungus Fighter

are a man who wants great products, not a lot of them, and only ones that work: Head to our Men’s section and revel in the simplicity of efficiency


Still don’t have the right answer?  Get in touch with Emily at