Resistance and Resources for a Post-Roe World


As I sit down to write, my body is numb, as though out of self-preservation, it is refusing to let me feel the full depths of these horrific SCOTUS decisions. Our homegrown American Christofascist extremism. For years, I and so many activists have been told we are hysterical, hyperbolic, overreacting - pick your dismissive language. And now we are here. Our worst fears realized, and it will get so much worse before it will get better. If this shocks you, welcome to the "Burn shit to the ground" movement (but not literally cause we're not MAGA insurrectionists). You can join us or stay silent and be complicit with the stripping of rights of millions of people. There is no middle ground.

No one is free until we are all free - liberation is a communal endeavor.

Where do we go from here?
We fight. We remember that this may be a decades-long battle. No one benefits from you doing yourself in from a burned-out blaze of glory so taking care of yourself is important. Small actions, taken consistently, by many many people over the long-term is how we make change happen so remember to find joy amid the heartbreak. Joy in itself is an act of resistance.
Justice movements intersect, whether it is the fight for Black Lives Matter, trans-inclusion, women's equal rights, immigrants' rights, or environmental justice. As you engage in these movements, it is important to remember that there are many people who have been fighting these fights for a long time. They are the experts in what works, and what doesn't. Listen to them. Amplify their voices and learn how you can support the work already happening.
There are innumerable ways into the work. All of them are necessary to success so choose what resonates most with you and that you feel you can sustainably commit to.
Abortion Funds:
Money is one of the most immediate needs if you are financially able to give. Reproductive care is expensive and people seeking care are now being forced to travel long distances, all compounded by inflation prices. Additionally, many won't have paid time off and need to cover childcare costs. Abortion funds already doing this work need support. Please don't call them. Phone lines need to be kept open for people seeking care.
If you are seeking abortion care and don't know what to do, START HERE:

 Political Engagement:
 Our politicians are not adequately prepared to meet this moment. While the Dem's sing on the steps of Congress in some ridiculous kumbaya move, our rights and democracy are crumbling. No one is coming to save us. It is important to remember that we are not helpless or powerless to fight this hateful descent into white Christian nationalist fascism.
  • Lobby your state and federal representatives. Find them here:
    • Tell them you support codifying reproductive rights into law. There is a bill called the Women's Health Protection Act that has already passed the House. Guess who is holding it up in the Senate!! Call them every week. Don't stop putting the pressure on them and making your voice heard. Also, be polite to their staff.
    • Push your congress reps and senators to immediately investigate Justices Thomas, Kavanaugh, and Barrett. They lied under oath during their confirmation hearings and must be impeached. Additionally, it is well documented that Thomas has failed to disclose his treasonous wife's income as well as his from the Federalist Society. SCOTUS is not some court on high. They can and must be held accountable for stripping away the rights of millions of Americans.
    • Pressure your reps to eliminate the Senate filibuster. Be specific that if they won't support full abolition, ask them to support reforming it to a talking filibuster.
    • Urge your reps to expand the Supreme Court with secular judges who believe in the Constitution and not theocracy
  • Biden's shrug and telling people to vote in November is unacceptable. As president he can:
      • Open healthcare clinics on non-Indigenous federal lands, particularly in states that have banned abortion, and lease to providers who cover their own funding and work with non-profits (goes around the Hyde Amendment debacle)
      • Guarantee the right to travel and travel vouchers for people who need a "vacation"
      • Make abortion meds available through federal mail and on federal land
        (Above points are from lawyer and justice correspondent Elie Mystal, author of Allow Me to Retort
    • Join a Get Out the Vote (GOTV) campaign for the November elections.
    • Lobby your local District Attorney and ask them to not prosecute people seeking reproductive care and the medical professionals who provide it
    • The Poor People's Campaign, led by the Reverend William J Barber, is one of the best intersectionally-focused movements, if you're looking for a starting place. Rev Barber believes that we must fight for women's rights, voting rights, living wages, and universal health care together.

    Take to the Streets & Protest:

    Taking to the streets is a powerful reminder that you are not alone in this fight. It also is a visceral message that there are millions of us who are angry and refuse to let this decision stand. Protest is your right, and can also be a dangerous undertaking when standing up to violent power structures. Here are some tips to prepare, though this is not an exhaustive list:


    Actively engaging in learning to better understand your own privileges and systemic injustices is vital. It is also like peeling away the layers of an onion. You might think you understand something fully, only to realize that that was superficial and there is more to unpack. The more you educate yourself on these complex issues, the better conversations you will have with others and the better you will be able to call out injustice. Below are a few things to keep in mind for this particular moment:

    Got other ideas or resources that you'd like to add? Get in touch via our contact us page.
    The people in your life most affected by these decisions are feeling a LOT of things right now, especially those of us who have lived through traumatic experiences and now worry even more about our health and safety. We have lived through violence and many of us no longer feel safe anywhere. Please give us grace, space, and care. We are angry, grieving, and devastated. Our worlds are much darker and more unsafe than they were Friday morning before the decision. Knowing this was coming doesn't mean the impact of its reality isn't destroying us any less.