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Row, Row, Row Your Boat

Gently across the Pacific Ocean? Would you be game to row on an all-woman crew from San Francisco to Hawaii?? Meet the Lat35 Women's Adventure Rowing Team! Four women, one blue water row boat, and a vast ocean. They're the first all-women team to race for Lat35. All the other teams have been men. Brooke Downes, Adrienne Smith, Sophia Denison-Johnson, and Libby Costello set off from San Francisco Bay this morning, crossing under the Golden Gate Bridge with big smiles and Em & El Organics products on board. None of them have rowed across an ocean before. They'll row 2 people on, 2 off, changing rowers every 2 hours....for 24 hours a day...until they get to Waikiki. That's 2400 nautical miles of...

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