Row, Row, Row Your Boat

Gently across the Pacific Ocean? Would you be game to row on an all-woman crew from San Francisco to Hawaii??

Lat35 Women's Rowing Team | Em & El Organics

Meet the Lat35 Women's Adventure Rowing Team! Four women, one blue water row boat, and a vast ocean. They're the first all-women team to race for Lat35. All the other teams have been men. Brooke Downes, Adrienne Smith, Sophia Denison-Johnson, and Libby Costello set off from San Francisco Bay this morning, crossing under the Golden Gate Bridge with big smiles and Em & El Organics products on board.

None of them have rowed across an ocean before. They'll row 2 people on, 2 off, changing rowers every 2 hours....for 24 hours a day...until they get to Waikiki. That's 2400 nautical miles of rowing! If you're wondering, this adventure is one of the toughest in the world. The women's record is 35 days, set in 2021, so of course these gals are eying to set a new one!

Why are these women undertaking such a grueling challenge? In their words...

  • To recalibrate their sense of fear
  • To make peace with what they can and can't control
  • To unplug 😲
  • Because I damn well want to!

Follow their journey here: and on Instagram

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